Don and Sylvia Shaw Salon Spa

Project Description

rub, scrub . . . massage, wrap, wax, oil, trim . . . cleanse, pamper . . .

The spa is organized on two levels offering two types of services. The upper level is the “spa express” where thirty minute to two hour appointments render the pleasures of a manicure, pedicure, makeup or facial treatments. The atmosphere is bright day light and clean. The lower level is the spa proper with appointments of longer duration required for soothing, tension-easing joys of massage, wraps, steams, showers, facials and other services offered in various combinations. The atmosphere is clean and sparkly but quiet and private. Each client is carefully moved from pleasure to pleasure ensuring that he or she feels that they are the sole occupant of the spa.

The area of the spa/spa express is petit and subdivided into yet smaller spaces. Like a medical office; the number of sinks, hinges, door knobs, drawer pulls is massive in relationship to the available area. Each surface, sound, fabric, fold, aroma, potion, lotion and detail comes under close scrutiny. The experience is the cumulative result of essences, atmosphere and care.

The desired result: improved self-image.

Materials include seal pigmented concrete and ceramic tile at floors; paint, gypsum board, ceramic tile, sealed plywood, clear and translucent glass and sanded acrylic at walls; paint on gypsum at ceilings; stainless steel; steel and aluminum details.



Project Information

project: a day spa
client: Don and Sylvia Shaw
location: Atlanta, Georgia
completion date: March 1995
building area: 2,050 square feet
construction budget: not available


  • 1997 Georgia AIA Design Award of Excellence
  • 1996 Architectural Record Interiors Award