House Above the Bug Line

Project Description


dream house
future house

ancient house
basket house
air house
wind house
tree house / pole house
screen porch house
light house
dark house
open house

closed house / close house
batten down the hatches

private house
star house
sky house
full body mask / model and house
slide open house
fold-out house

slide-up / slide-down house
transformer living
movable / mobile / fixed

fold-down house
swing-out house
swing-in house
dom-ino unit / Rietveld house / Miesian clearness
air car
the house occupies poles anywhere they are abandoned (a post-technological condition) and becomes an “air squatter above
a long telescoping stair
a lift

breakfast in bed

rain site / storm view
star view
tree view
leaf view

enter the green
defy / deny the bugs

rain sound
breeze sound

swing together / apart
one – two buckle my shoe

bug sound
grass sound
worm sound



Project Information

project: a group exhibition on how architects foresee change in the form and institution of domestic space at the close of the twentieth century
location: Cincinnati, Ohio The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati
completion date: 1993