There are a few important things we are certain we have learned in our experiences in architecture. We travel well and find the discovering of new places invigorating. We have heavy overcoats and galoshes and we are fond of tulips. Place has everything to do with the character and outcome of a project.

We enjoy genuine, ongoing, in-depth, mutually satisfying exchanges with our clients. There is nothing more rewarding than a pat on the back from a client and agreement that we have all done well.

We work hard and long on every project and have the experience and maturity that leads to solid decision-making. Solving programmatic and functional requirements is fundamental to our thought process. Sound planning is basic.  Transcending the basics, touching on the extraordinary, allowing the idea of the artful to enter the process, weighing the specific against the generic, pushing the edges, relishing the challenge of “now” conditions, recognizing cultural forces and influences, and searching for the broader meanings in architecture are the phenomena of architecture that continue to fascinate us. While our work reflects these interests and may appear extreme, the spaces of our projects are paradoxically peaceful.

Finally, the common ground, the essential reason that a client and an architect should join forces is simply this: that they share common values and respect each other. Authenticity and quality, intelligence and the search, fairness and a good debate, originality and excellence in architecture are among other things we value.